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Personalised Dog Training

Personalised Training

Our 1 to 1 service offering bespoke training & behaviour modification & customised training plans.
Group Learning Dog Training

Group Learning

Including our coveted “Perfect Puppy” and other group classes emphasising socialisation, “real- life” scenarios & distraction training.
Dog Training Workshops

Workshops / Masterclasses

We offer seminars, workshops & masterclasses on a variety of topics, including tailored seminars for schools, dog industry staff training, dog care facilities & rescue.

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Our Training Principles

At Bremeny School for Dogs, excellence is our standard, and our team of exceptionally experienced and qualified trainers embodies this ethos. We take immense pride in our results-based training system, designed to unlock the true potential of every dog. Whether you choose our engaging group classes, personalized 1-to-1 consultations, or immersive workshops, your progress as a dog owner is our utmost priority.
Central to our training approach is the sacred bond between owner and dog. We firmly believe that a strong and trusting relationship forms the foundation for success. With every training session, we foster this connection using motivation and kindness as our guiding principles. We celebrate the unique spirit of each dog and strive to create a training experience that is both enjoyable and effective.
Our trainers are masters of their craft, possessing a wealth of skills and expertise in various domains. From breeder and puppy selection to handling aggression and reactivity, we have you covered. We excel in puppy training and socialization, addressing behavioral issues, instilling unwavering obedience and impeccable manners in adult dogs, delving into the exciting world of dog sports, honing protection work abilities, exploring the captivating realm of scent training, and providing invaluable insights into optimizing your dog’s nutrition for their overall well-being.
When you entrust your dog’s training to Bremeny School for Dogs, you join a community dedicated to achieving greatness. Witness the remarkable transformations that our highly skilled trainers can unlock in your dog’s behavior. Together, we’ll embark on an extraordinary journey of growth, understanding, and lifelong companionship. Prepare to unleash your dog’s full potential and experience the Bremeny difference.
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