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Bremeny School for Dogs
In the midst of a challenging Friday afternoon in early 2017, Fraser found himself reflecting on his faithful black Labrador, Charlie, at a dog facility far, far away. Frustrated, he murmurs to Paula, “Why isn’t there a place where dogs truly come first? They deserve to be the top priority. If I had the opportunity, things would be different.”
Fast forward to a Monday morning, where a weary-eyed Paula emerged from a towering heap of crumpled papers and empty coffee cups. Like a determined phoenix rising from the ashes of her intense focus, she glanced at her dalmatian, questioning, “Have I completely lost my mind?” Ignoring the lackluster response from Penny Lane, who returned to slumber, Paula’s gaze fell upon a completed business plan resting on the coffee table.
Today, in the year 2023, Bremeny School for Dogs proudly stands as a testament to six years of operation in Galway. With exceptional dog daycare facilities, we have become the leading destination for dog care in the west of Ireland. Our team of expert trainers and our unmatched selection of exclusive dog products have earned us multiple accolades and an impeccable reputation.
At Bremeny School for Dogs, we remain committed to putting our canine companions first. We believe in creating an environment where dogs thrive, receive top-notch care, and enjoy a range of specialized services. With a deep passion for what we do, we continue to lead the way in providing unparalleled dog care experiences throughout Ireland.

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