Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Daycare

What sets your dog day care service apart from others in the area?
Our dog day care in Galway boasts a spotless reputation and highly knowledgable & experienced staff, following our motto “where your best friend is our best friend.” Your dog’s safety, welfare, wellbeing, and happiness are our top priorities.
How do you ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for dogs in your day care?
We conduct thorough daycare suitability assessments to ensure your dog interacts with only suitable, social playmates. With constant supervision, we maintain a secure environment that prioritizes your dog’s comfort.
Why is customer feedback important to your dog day care service?
We value our relationship with customers, offering honest feedback and comprehensive support throughout every aspect of your dog’s life. Your feedback helps us continually improve our services.
Can I schedule a tour of your dog day care center in advance?
Certainly! Tours are conducted out of hours by scheduled appointments. Please note that we do not conduct tours during daycare hours to maintain the routine and comfort of the dogs.
What kind of activities are offered at your dog day care?
Our dog day care program includes supervised playtime and dedicated rest periods to ensure a balanced and engaging experience for your furry friend. We also offer a “Daycare & Train” service in Galway where your dog can be conveniently trained while attending.

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1-1 Dog Training

Why choose Bremeny School for Dogs for my dog’s 1 to 1 training?
Our 1-1 dog training addresses individual behavioral challenges with a focus on motivation and kindness. We’ve seen frustrated owners who’ve encountered harsh methods or disappointing results elsewhere. Our results-based system is designed to help you achieve your training goals effectively and compassionately.
What types of behavioral issues do you specialize in, while training at Bremeny School for Dogs?
Our extensive experience covers various training aspects, from puppy training to adult obedience, aggression, reactivity, nervous behaviors, dog sports, and much more. We offer a diverse range of training services to meet various needs.
How do you offer personalized guidance to each client?
Each client benefits from a free 30-minute video call to discuss goals and challenges. We ensure the best course of training for each dog and owner before any financial commitment.
Can you elaborate on the benefits of your training approach for anxious dogs?
Our training methods extend to anxious dogs, helping them overcome their challenges with kindness and tailored techniques. We have a successful track record in addressing nervous & reactive behaviors.
Are your training services suitable for both new dog owners and experienced handlers?
Absolutely! Our dog training services cater to a broad audience, from new dog owners seeking foundational skills to professional trainers looking to enhance their expertise.

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Group Dog Training Classes

What makes your group dog training classes unique in Galway?
Our group training classes provide a safe and controlled environment for dogs to learn and socialize. With knowledgeable instructors who have worked with thousands of puppies, including our own, over the past decade, our methods are tried and tested.
Can you elaborate on the benefits of group training for my dog's behavior?
In our group classes, you’ll receive 1-to-1 feedback/instruction along with valuable insights from fellow owners. This community approach enhances your dog’s social skills and behavior management.
What kind of support can I expect after participating in your group classes?
Our commitment doesn’t end with the classes. You’ll receive training plans, regular check-ins, video feedback, access to a supportive Facebook community, and access to our training support & continuation packages, as well as our “Pocket Trainer” service.
Do you offer specialized classes for reactive dogs?
Yes, we hold reactive-specific classes for clients who have progressed in our 1-to-1 training. These classes are designed to address reactive behaviors in a controlled and supportive environment.

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Dog Training Workshops/Masterclasses

What topics do your dog training workshops cover?
Our workshops cover a range of subjects, including reactivity management, loose lead walking, dog play, dog sports, scent training, tracking workshops, enrichment, nutrition, and much more.
Why are your workshops beneficial for dog owners at all levels?
Our workshops accommodate everyone, from new dog owners to professional trainers looking to improve on their foundations. The duration of seminars/workshops will vary based on the subject/topic, providing valuable insights for all participants.

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Dog Supplies Store

What type of dog supplies do you offer in your online shop?
Our online shop,, offers a wide range of dog supplies, from training essentials to grooming tools and premium nutrition options.
How do customers benefit from shopping at your online store?
Customers can follow our social media accounts for useful advice, information, and blog posts on products. Our online store provides access to a variety of quality products that cater to your dog’s needs.
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