Meet Fraser Bremner

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Fraser Bremner's life story is woven with a love for animals that runs deeper than words. His childhood was split between kennels and stables, immersed in the world of loyal dogs and majestic horses. As he grew, so did his fascination with training, a skill he honed with every passing day.

Today, Fraser's passion centers around puppy classes and the art of socialization. He knows that shaping young minds is the foundation of a harmonious dog-human relationship. At home, Fraser is surrounded by the affable "Charlie," a dignified elderly black Labrador, and his newest project, the spirited working-line German Shepherd named "Crunchie."

The Bremeny family extends beyond dogs, as Fraser is a dedicated father to two young boys, Rían and Cillian, and husband to wife, Aileen. Together with his boys, they revel in the joy of training, a family affair that exemplifies the true meaning of bonding through shared passions.

Fraser Bremeny School for Dogs

Paula and Fraser's collaborative spirit and shared devotion have brought Bremeny School for Dogs to life. Their individual stories have converged to create an unparalleled haven for dogs and their owners, a testament to their unwavering commitment to the world of canine companionship.