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Our booking system has changed.
Please TEXT the following to the relevant number below:

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Rahoon: 083 0133 730

Briarhill: 083 0133 749

Bremeny School for Dogs are at the cutting edge of Canine science with the most qualified staff in the West of Ireland. We pride ourselves in constant learning and development to improve our service and the quality of care for your dogs. We provide you and your puppy the best dog daycare Galway has to offer.

Galway Puppy Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare is ideal for puppies in their early stages of socialisation and is great for dogs who enjoy the company of other canine companions.

It also helps, beat boredom, teach bite inhibition and dogs are trained in basic behaviours while attending.

Galway Dog Daycare Puppy Ireland

Bremeny’s Dog Daycare is a highly enriching outlet for you dog, both mentally and physically.

All of our dogs have undergone thorough Dog Daycare suitability assessments and attend regularly to assure that we are part of their routine. This helps eliminate stress and guarantees that your dog will come bounding in the door with excitement every time.

At Bremeny School for Dogs, our number one priority is your dog’s safety, happiness and well-being and we pride ourselves in customer honesty.

Galway Doggie Daycare Enriching Mentally and Physically

Pre-booking of Dog Daycare suitability assessments is essential.

Dog Daycare Galway Pool Parties Dog Enrichment
Galway Dog Daycare Service

Summer Pool Parties!

Naptime in the Chill Out Zone

Dog Daycare Galway Pool Parties Dog Enrichment

Summer Pool Parties!

Galway Dog Daycare Service

Naptime in “Tent City”


Assessments €35
Puppy Introduction €30
Reintroduction €30


Bremeny School for Dogs Favicon

1 dog household

Half Day (under 4 hours) €16
Full Day (over 4 hours) €23
Full Week (Mon-Fri) €95
Full Month (Weekdays Only) €350

2 dog household

Half Day (under 4 hours) €24
Full Day (over 4 hours) €34
Full Week (Mon-Fri) €140
Full Month (Weekdays Only) €520