Dog training with Bremeny School for Dogs

With a team of exceptionally experienced and qualified trainers, here at Bremeny School for Dogs, we pride ourselves in a results based training system. Whether in a class environment, 1 to 1 consultation or one of our workshops, dog- owner progress is our top priority. The foundation of our training is based on the relationship between owner and dog, and we always train using motivation and kindness.
Our trainers are highly skilled with experience in areas including but not limited to; breeder and puppy selection,  aggression & reactivity, puppy training and socialisation, behavioural problems, adult dog obedience and manners, dog sport, protection work, scent training and nutrition.

Not sure which option to choose? Email us at [email protected] and we will recommend the perfect choice for you and your dog.”

Bremeny Loose Lead Walking Seminar

Loose Lead Walking Seminar

12:00pm    Saturday 18th February 2023

Does your pooch pull like a train? Are you sick of unruly, out of control walks? Is your dog an over-excited lunatic at the sight of the lead? Is the word “Walkies” a trigger for chaos in your house?

Human only event.

Tickets: €40 per person or 2 for €70

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1 to 1 Dog Training

1 to 1 Training Consultations

A client’s first package includes a 30 minute preliminary assessment and run through of what’s involved in your sessions.

This gets the talking out of the way, so we can focus more on the actual training for the rest of your sessions.

You will then have 4 training sessions. Sessions may seem short at 30 minutes, but any longer than this, you may be working with a tired, unmotivated dog which must be avoided at all costs.

After much work and research, we’ve found 30 minutes to be the optimal length of time, often achieving almost twice as much results as sixty minute session.

You will then receive complimentary tickets to not one, but two of our training/behaviour seminars. These are held throughout the year at our Briarhill facility and cover a wide range of tickets. Attending these will give you a greater understanding of the working cogs of your dog’s brain, and
more importantly, how to work them to your advantage. Understanding your dog, and what makes them tick, is the secret to creating an unbreakable bond with your K9 bestie, which makes training a much more enjoyable experience.

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Subsequent packages

After having completed a 1 to 1 training package, if you require further training and assistance, we offer subsequent training packages.

This includes:

  • 4 x 30 minute sessions
  • 1 complimentary seminar


Homework Club

Often, 1 to 1 sessions specifically may not be required, but more practice needed. Your dog may also benefit from working in more distracting environments. In such cases, our trainers may recommend our “Homework club”.

This is a group class, exclusive to those who have been, or are currently, working through 1 to 1 training, and are competent enough, with the right skill set, to work in much more challenging surroundings.

This includes:

  • 4 x 45 minute group sessions


Drop and Train

Drop and Train

For owners uncertain, unable or too busy, or for those happy to leave the training to the
professionals, we also have options. Our “Drop and Train” service allows you to drop your dog to one of our trainers, who will work directly with the dog on the issue at hand.

While work is absolutely still required by the owner after the final hand over, all of the nitty gritty and hard work, is done by our professionals. By the time the final handover comes, your dog will know the required exercise/behaviour inside out, it’s only you that then has to learn it.

“Drop and Train” is available both to those who wish to drop the dog to the trainer, but also those who want the trainer to drop by their house and get the work done while they are away.

Additional sessions may be required. Owners must make themselves available for initial meet and greet as well as the final handover. Owner update/progress report, after 4 sessions can be done in person, or via email or video, depending on owner’s preference.

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Daycare and Train

Daycare and Train

For a select few dogs, who are already daycare regulars, we have extremely limited availability for a new service called “Daycare and Train”. This is similar to our “Drop and Train” but much more convenient if your dog attends either of our daycare facilities.

Our trainer will attend daycare twice weekly, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. They will take your dog and complete their training sessions during their daycare day, so when you pick the dog up, daycare and training boxes are both ticked!

This option is accessible to Briarhill customers during the months of February and
March 2023, and to Rahoon customers during the months of April and May 2023. Owners are required to attend the initial meet and greet, preliminary assessment and goal setting, plus the final hand over.

After half of the sessions are complete, an owner update/progress report can be
completed in person, via email or video, at the owner’s preference.

To avail of this service, dogs must book and pay for daycare as usual. Dogs must attend daycare Tuesdays and Thursdays, arriving no later than 9.30am and leaving no earlier than 12pm.

There are four options available for “Daycare and Train”:

Stop pulling on the lead! Loose lead walking foundations: €400
12 sessions over 6 weeks, plus additional preliminary meet and greet, progress report and
final handover.

Come baaaaaack! Recall foundations: €400
12 sessions over 6 weeks, plus additional preliminary meet and greet, progress report and
final handover.

Perfect puppy foundations (under 6months): €500
16 sessions over 8 weeks, plus additional preliminary meet and great, homework assignments if required, progress report and final handover.

Mannerly Mutts obedience basics (over 6 months): €500
16 sessions over 8 weeks, plus additional preliminary meet and great, homework assignments if required, progress report and final handover.

Perfect Puppy Socialisation Obedience Training

Perfect Puppy

Socialisation and Obedience Class

Early socialisation is invaluable to your dog’s future health and well-being and it is vitally important that this begins very early in your puppy’s life (before 5 months old).

Our classes are in an upbeat and fun environment, suited to all ages and abilities. Classes are run by highly qualified and experienced trainers using the most up-to-date scientific techniques of positive reinforcement. Our class’s main focus is on exposing puppies to as many positive experiences as possible: people, other dogs, new environments and objects.

We cover all common puppy problems like jumping up, nipping, house training, etc. We also introduce both puppies and owners to basic dog training and obedience to help in day-to-day situations and to help in building the bond between you and your puppy.

These classes are outdoors, so come prepared! They will be located at our Rahoon address.

Save my space in the next class – date yet to be announced.
By purchasing this course, your place will be secured in the next class. We will confirm via email the dates of the next class.
Places will be allocated at a first come first serve basis.

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Pre-training assessment

Pre-training assessment

Not sure what exactly you or your dog needs, or unsure of what kind of training to avail of? Maybe you’ve tried training before, had a bad experience or are sceptical about the results that can be achieved.

Our Pre-training assessment allows you to suss out our trainers, their knowledge and experience, and also allows our trainers to suss out you and your dog to advise you on how best to proceed on your training journey.

This assessment is included free of charge with all training packages, or can be purchased as an individual service if you’re not quite sure.

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Before my puppy/dog comes home

Before my puppy/dog comes home!

As trainers, a lot of our job consists of trying to change bad habits and fix problems.

Visiting a trainer BEFORE your new dog comes home allows our trainer to start you off on a blank page, ensuring that from day 1, your dog/puppy’s structure and routine avoid these bad habits from ever forming.

Knowing how to manage situations and communicate clearly with your dog will make the journey that follows much easier, and more enjoyable. This option is also available for dogs/puppies that have recently arrived in their new homes.

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Video Conferencing

Video Call Consultations

Our video consultations allow owners to begin or continue training with their dogs/puppies remotely. Ideal for customers who want to avail of our training services, but are not based close to one of our locations.

Over our 45 minute video calls, we discuss in-depth and prioritise each individuals’ issues and training plans we recommend. We put these training plans in place and send a follow up report including homework and exercises to work on.

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