For owners uncertain, unable or too busy, or for those happy to leave the training to the professionals, we also have options. Our “Drop and Train” service allows you to drop your dog to one of our trainers, who will work directly with the dog on the issue at hand.

While work is absolutely still required by the owner after the final hand over, all of the nitty gritty and hard work, is done by our professionals. By the time the final handover comes, your dog will know the required exercise/behaviour inside out, it’s only you that then has to learn it.

“Drop and Train” is available both to those who wish to drop the dog to the trainer, but also those who want the trainer to drop by their house and get the work done while they are away.

Additional sessions may be required. Owners must make themselves available for initial meet and greet as well as the final handover. Owner update/progress report, after 4 sessions can be done in person, or via email or video, depending on owner’s preference.

“Drop and Train” package is priced at €850 for the trainer’s location of choice or €950 to your home or location of your choice (must be within 30km of our Briarhill facilty). This package includes:

  • Preliminary assessment, owner and dog meet and greet, goal setting.
  • 4 x 30 minute sessions
  • Owner update and progress report
  • 4 x 30 minute additional sessions
  • Final handover